Creation Within Creation
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Album - Dreams Of Creation

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Behind these dreamy pieces are stories to be told. I tried to transcribe these stories into sounds - sounds that undfolded into stories.

For instance, Track 2. Lerana is about an Angel who was forced to reincarnate back as a human for loving her own reflection too much and the only way to redeem herself was to fall in love with someone other than herself.

As I did not know how to record music at this time, the music quality is not as good as the present day. But music is available in mp3 format for download.


  • 1. Piano For Two Dreams
  • 2. Lerana
  • 3. Mirror Waltz
  • 4. I Am The Sea
  • 5. Have you ever made a wish
  • 6. Lost Key
  • 7. MooMoo in G
  • 8. The Story Of Moonlight
  • 9. Once Upon A Heart
  • 10. Hour Of The Beast
  • 11. Hour Of La Bella

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