Creation Within Creation
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Album - Beauty And Darkness

Under Creation

Aiming For Dec 2017


Silence, solitude and darkness. This is what most of us would fear most and run away from.

These few years I decided not to run anymore, but simply sit in that darkness so I could understand what it really was. So these were the days without music, but simply silence and solitude. I spent most of my days facing my fears, my negativities, my anger and observing within to see what it really was.

I realized that the darkness is there because it's something that we do not know yet to be a part of ourselves. In conclusion, we've been running in the wrong direction.

My music has changed and become more refined and dark, simplified but structured. These were the qualities that I could not quite accept before. Music will always change as the composer changes.


  • 1. Night Of The Past
  • 2. Timeless Portrait
  • 3. Moonlight Star
  • 4. Waltz Cladenstine
  • 5. Light Of Creation
  • 6. Dance in Major Minor
  • 7. Beauty and Darkness
  • 8. Dance on Black Fires
  • 9. The Creator's Dream

Infinity Sign