Creation Within Creation
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Album - Beauty And Darkness


This album contains mainly sounds of darkness and despair coming together with sounds of light and hope. The whole feeling of the album is as if you are immersed in a dark dream.

I haven't composed a while before beginning this album so my music style has changed somewhat. In a sense it has become more structured whilst the sense of key has become more loose.

The sound quality in this video is much better than before but I could only do so much with a loud upright piano in a small room. So there was a lot of compromise in dynamics but just enough for me to get the expression through.


  • 1. Moonlight Star
  • 2. Timeless Portrait
  • 3. Night Of The Past
  • 4. Waltz Cladenstine
  • 5. Light Of Creation
  • 6. Dance in Major Minor
  • 7. Beauty and Darkness
  • 8. Dance Black
  • 9. Darkness Blossoms
  • 10. The Creator's Dream

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