Creation Within Creation
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Album - Darkness Creates

Under Creation

Aiming For Dec 2017


After composing my last few pieces, I dwelled in darkness to understand what it really was.

We fear the darkness because we do not know what it really is. But it's simply parts of ourselves which we cannot accept.

So I spent the years in silence and meditation. Those were the days without music and days of self-reflection. And in accepting that darkness, the darkness accepted me - I found myself.

Although I have not touched piano for quite a number of years. My ability to compose has improved. Because in reaching the silence of the mind, the sounds has become clearer for me to hear inside.

The recording quality of this album is good because of the recording setup I have.


  • 1. The Creator's Dream
  • 2. Waltz Clandenstine
  • 3. Moonlight Star
  • 4. Timeless Portrait
  • 5. Vampire City
  • 6. Dance Major Minor
  • 7. Darkness Blossoms
  • 8. Secret Spell
  • 9. Fury
  • 10. Beauty And Darkness

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